What is a Restauranto?

It is an application that allows owners of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and dessert stores, and even owners of home kitchens, to promote their offers on specific types of their products to reach millions of targeted customers from Turks, Arabs, and tourists language in Turkish, Arabic and English.


How does Restauranto work?

Restaurant allows its users to view the offers of shop owners through the shop closest to them or by specifying the type of food or meal required with the ability to make a home delivery request or make a reservation in the restaurant.


How does Restauranto increase the sales of restaurants and stores?

Restauranto, in cooperation with the American company ResentTech INC, uses the SSE system or the smart search engine to ensure that offers reach potential customers through their geographical proximity to the restaurant or store and to identify the segment of customers interested in the offer based on their search that they have done on search engines like Google Or social media. In other words, the Restauranto adopts the technique of focused, accurate, and effective promotion, instead of the random promotion which often does not achieve the desired result.


Which segment of customers does Restauranto target?

Restauranto promotes restaurant and store offers in Turkey targeting Turks and residents. It also targets potential tourists through advertising campaigns in their countries even before their arrival in Turkey, in order to ensure that they benefit from the offers upon their arrival. Restauranto promotional campaigns include: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


Does Restauranto give regular offers?

Restauranto allows restaurants and stores to subscribe to weekly offers that include additional discounts on specific items. We used to allow them to also participate in monthly major offers that witness discounts exceeding fifty percent.


Does Restauranto do advertisement campaigns?

Restauranto offers periodic ads for the best offers of restaurants and stores participating with it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social media.


Does Restauranto design advertisment?

Restauranto offers discounts of up to fifty percent on creating special ads based on the request of the restaurant or store participating in the application. This includes photography, execution, montage, and presentation.


How can I subscribe to Restauranto?

Simply download the application and choose the subscription package that suits you, then fill out the subscription form and start your first steps to improve your sales and increase your profits.



TR. +90 535 931 95 69

EN. +90 538 962 20 34

AR. +90 535 932 29 78



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